niversal Door Carrier began as Dry Kiln Door Carrier, Inc. in 1904 under Great Uncle J.R. Hussey in downtown Indianapolis. In 1910, Orville Frank Shattuck took control and ran the business through the great depression.


Daniel W. Shattuck changed the name to Universal Door Carrier Inc in 1948, developing the 2” insulated door and refining the patented carrier.

This design served UDC well for thirty years. 

In 1974 Daniel Y. Shattuck took the reigns of UDC upon the death of his father, and again streamlined both the kiln door design and the carriers.  The kiln door design was strengthened to withstand higher temperatures, and the carriers were reinforced to add strength to the heavier doors. New products were added including steam coils and fans. 


In 2004 we proudly celebrated 100 years of working with and making components for the dry kiln industry.  Another Daniel Y. Shattuck will take the reigns in the future, insuring integrity and quality of UDC’s equipment.




Our mission is to provide superior quality kiln closure equipment, parts and consultation service to the lumber and concrete industry the world over. We are a family-run business that believes in integrity-fair pricing and quality in all aspects of business.

If you have any questions or want to talk kilns or fishing, just call us, 317-241-3447.